”Exercise everybody, healthy everyday” TOFI joins the 11th earth cup Games



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”Exercise everybody, healthy everyday” TOFI joins the 11th earth cup Games

Shanghai five-day physical fitness campaign, the 11th earth cup games officially began May 31th 2016 in earth industrial park, hongkou district. This game hold by Jiangwan street office, sponsored by industries in park. It is the second time for TOFI as a sponsor to contribute to society and advocate healthy life, provide better condition to staff. Many Jiangwan elderly groups of professionals bring us a great art performance in opening ceremony.

Various competition item were held in this games, jiangwan community residents and the industrial park staff enjoyed short rope, hoop, kicking shuttlecock, slow bike ride, chess, darts, table tennis, directional cross-country, rolling hoops, ball, shooting, tug-of-war and others.

The most exciting thing in this game is TOFIs athletes burst out their potential and push their limits. Xinlan Guo finished third in women's long-distance running; Xuedan Shi won first in Women's kicking shuttlecock。 All those show our aggressiveness and harmonious。

Although the sports meeting has been over a week, we passion of loving sports will not be stopped。 Wish TOFI staff have a more glorious performance next year.

[2016-08-12] @ TOFI

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